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Streetshow Promo

The People Vs Ian Deadly

A versatile performer, able to amaze and astound with the unexpected: a child, a grown man, a couple, he explores their abilities, combined with his desire to create new and old scenes, reworked with a twist. Nothing can be expected but the unexpected, revealing the star, the performer within us all. With encouragement we can see love stories, superheroes, everyday human tragi-comedy worked and reworked using only a member of the audience, some music, careful guidance and direction. This guarantees a new show in every new location with every new audience. Ian believes that a streetshow starts with two elements: the audience and the performer but finishes as one multi-limbed comic circus octopus, woven inseparably together. Ian takes the audience and leads them through a journey: improvising and experimenting with the individuals, to create tragi-comic scenes of real life intensity. A virtuoso juggler he amazes and astounds but also works with people resulting in a unique performance with every new location.

Can be performed in English, Italiano, basic Polish, mostly French, basic Spanish and the best bits in German!

Anti Gravity

Brand new show, perfect for indoor and outdoor events. 30-45 minutes of unique skills, stunts and comedy. Featuring hula hoop and juggling tricks not to be found anywhere else in the world, hilarious comedy moments and a dazzling one of a kind dangerously balanced and explosive finale.

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