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Streetshow Promo

The People Vs Ian Deadly

A versatile performer, able to amaze and astound with the unexpected: a child, a grown man, a couple, he explores their abilities, combined with his desire to create new and old scenes, reworked with a twist. Nothing can be expected but the unexpected, revealing the star, the performer within us all. With encouragement we can see love stories, superheroes, everyday human tragi-comedy worked and reworked using only a member of the audience, some music, careful guidance and direction. This guarantees a new show in every new location with every new audience. Ian believes that a streetshow starts with two elements: the audience and the performer but finishes as one multi-limbed comic circus octopus, woven inseparably together. Ian takes the audience and leads them through a journey: improvising and experimenting with the individuals, to create tragi-comic scenes of real life intensity. A virtuoso juggler he amazes and astounds but also works with people resulting in a unique performance with every new location.

Can be performed in English, Italiano, very bad Polish, poor French, awful Spanish and barely existent German!

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