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Ian is an experienced compére presenting shows across Europe and beyond in festivals, private functions, open stages, cabarets, juggling and hula hoop conventions and shopping malls. His unique subverted classic style blends street performance experience with improvised comedy always giving the maximium respect and attention to the performers.


Performance and Presence: a personal public contact

Being an investigation into what it means to be a performer with particular relevance to street performance, positioning within your space, the mechanics of how to start and finish. The workshop has been adapted for other performers (AHAA science museum performers, Tartu, Estonia) and circus artists. 

Workshop Structure


The workshop typically takes place over a two day period: four hours on the first day with a lunch break after the first two hours followed by approximately three hours on the second day.


First Day


To take place in suitable gym/ tent/ warm dry location. Loose, comfortable clothing to be worn. Warm up of body/ mind and voice. How to relax as a performer, how to have fun. Theory and practise of spatial awareness, body positioning and use. Intention in movements. Vocal work. Development of personal performance vocabulary. How to work with volunteers.



Second Day


Street expedition. Participants must bring some costume items to mark them as being in some way special. Participants must come prepared to perform a "grande finale", this can be as simple as wished: a song, a dance, a juggling trick, a headstand, tossing a is important to have something to show not the quality of that something. We will take to the streets of your town and put into practise the ideas of the first day. Every participant will undertake a guided micro show with the emphasis on how to react to public, how to react using voice and with body. How to speak to audiences, how to manipulate and produce audience responses. Spontaneity and improvisation, using your audience. The audience as the Star of the show, working with your volunteers. Choosing volunteers. Positioning and presence within and without the perfomance area for maximum impact, visibility and result. How to open and close, to enter and leave. Maximum visibilty, presence and intention of voice, movement and interaction.


"If you enjoy your show, so will the audience!"

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